Gutters & Rain Barrels

Rain gutters and rain barrels are incredibly important for minimizing damage to your home and limiting soil erosion and runoff. Rain barrels are also important for capturing water, for use during the drier months (which in San Diego is most of the year). Our team at Plant Nativ is licensed, insured and highly experienced in rain gutter installation and rain barrel installation in San Diego County. We’ll create a customized plan for your home and complete all the design and calculations; so that your home gets a system that captures and stores the most rainwater possible.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with an easy-to-use rainwater catchment system that is professionally installed and affordable. Below are some rain gutter and rain barrel FAQs to help answer any questions you might have.

If you’re interested in gutters or rain barrels let us know, and we’ll come do a completely FREE, no obligation consultation for San Diego County residents. Simply contact us.

Gutters & Rain Barrels


Round Aluminum Gutters


Square Aluminum Gutters


Round Copper Gutters


Square Copper Gutters


Brownstone 50 Gal Barrel w/ Planter

Storage: 50 Gallons

Height: 33 in.

Width: 23.5 in.

Depth: 23.5 in.


Bushman 60 Gal Round

Storage: 60 Gallons

Height: 39 in.

Diameter: 28.5 in.


Bushman 130 Gal Slimline

Storage: 130 Gallons

Height: 50 in.

Width: 49 in.

Depth: 17 in.


Bushman 660 Gal Round

Storage: 660 Gallons

Height: 48 in.

Diameter: 71 in.


Bushman 420 Gal Round

Storage: 420 Gallons

Height: 64 in.

Width: 45 in.


Bushman 530 Gal Slimline

Storage: 530 Gallons

Height: 78 in.

Width: 86 in.

Depth: 49 in.