Drought Tolerant Landscaping

A Drought Tolerant Landscape or a “California-friendly landscape” has drought tolerant plants that are native to Southern California, and require very little water to thrive once established.

These landscapes can be lush and beautiful but keep in mind that your new yard will require some maintenance and will take time to grow to full maturity.

If you’re interested in a drought tolerant landscape, let us know, and we’ll come do a completely FREE, no obligation consultation for San Diego County residents. Simply contact us.

Drought Tolerant Plants


Height: 2-4 feet

Width: 2-4 feet

Low growing succulents. Low water needs. Ideal for steep and rocky slopes.

Autumn Sage

Height: 2-4 feet

Width: 2-4 feet

Aromatic green leaves and multi colored flowers. It can be used as a low hedge. Low water use.



Height: Climbing

Width: Spreading

Evergreen vine. Used along fences as hedging. Bright flowers. Low water use.


California Lilac

Height: 6-8 ft

Width: 6-8 ft

The California Lilac is a native shrub. It is aromatic and prefers dry arid climates. Low water use.


California Sunflower

Height: 3-5 ft

Width: 3-5 ft

Large dense fast growing semi-evergreen. Attractive to butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.



Height: 2-3 ft

Width: 4-6 ft

Low-spreading groundcover. Tiny, dark green leaves with blue flowers. Low water use.


Coastal Rosemary

Height: 4-6 ft

Width: 6-12 ft

Dense aromatic evergreen shrub. Often used as hedging. Plant in full sun. Low water use.


Common Myrtle

Height: 8-10 ft

Width: 6-12 ft

Common Myrtle is an aromatic evergreen shrub with white flowers that attract butterflies.



Height: 4-6 ft

Width: 8-10 ft

Large shrub with bright red flowers that bloom year-round. Low water use.


Kangaroo Paw

Height: 2-3 ft

Width: 2-3 ft

Perennial plan. Medium water needs. Plant in a sunny and open position in well-drained soils.



Height: 1-2 ft

Width: 8-10 ft

Low-growing plant. Comes in red, orange, yellow and purple. Low water use.



Height: 4-5 ft

Width: 4-5 ft

Dense, mounding shrub with small flowers. Often used as hedging. Low water use.