Saving Water Never Looked So Beautiful

Find out how much you can save with a new drought tolerant landscape, artificial turf, hardscape, or new gutters and rain barrels.


Why choose us?

Each service we provide comes down to one ultimate goal: Helping San Diego homeowners’ improve their lawns and landscapes in order to save money and conserve water. We can even help you prepare for the winter months by preparing your home for the rain with gutter installation and rainwater management solutions including rainwater harvesting. If there are any worries about planning a new landscape, we have you covered. At Plant Nativ, we have created a process that makes selecting your new landscape easier than ever.

Save More Than You Spend?

Plant Nativ is committed to helping homeowners find affordable solutions to water conservation and water utility savings. We’ve partnered with a number of different financial institutions to help you find the right solution. One option is PACE (Property Accessed Clean Energy) financing, which pays for 100% of a project’s costs, and is repaid with an assessment added to your property’s tax bill. In many cases, the tax deduction plus the water and maintenance savings is equal to, or greater than, the loan amount – which means you are actually saving money by installing a new landscape.