One of the most important features of your house is also one of the most overlooked: gutters. That’s probably because, when it rains, San Diego homeowners aren’t standing in the driveway checking out their gutters at work. Though you might not often see them in action, gutters form an important layer of protection between your house and excess moisture buildup. They protect your home and help water your lawn and garden without increasing your utility bill.

With proper advice from a licensed contractor, gutters can help reduce your monthly expenses while making your lawn and gardens much greener and happier.

How Gutters Help

Your house is designed to shed water. That’s because when water sits on your roof for too long, it creeps into tiny cracks and crevices., This can lead to a breeding ground for:

  • insects
  • mold
  • mildew
  • rot

When your roof pushes water toward the edge, your gutter catches the water and funnels it away from your house, preventing the things listed above that you don’t want.

Proper Gutter Maintenance and Upkeep

Gutters don’t require a lot of upkeep, especially considering how important they are. At the very least, you should pop up twice a year for gutter maintenance to remove any debris and dirt that has fallen in. Debris can block the flow of water, forcing moisture over the edge and into your roof where it causes damage.

The best time of year to do gutter maintenance? We recommend late fall and early spring.

Properly installed and maintained gutters can last between 20 and 40 years. Some problems can be fixed by tacking pieces back together, but if the metal has split or rust has caused holes, it’s time to replace your gutters. The cost of replacing gutters can be more than fixing them, but it ultimately saves you money in the long run. For example, if your gutters don’t properly drain and lead to water damage, the cost of fixing water damage is far more expensive than it would’ve cost to take preventative action and replace gutters in the first place.

Gutters Save Money

Even the smallest house has a roof that can help collect hundreds of gallons of water. While most of that water is directed as far away from the house as possible, it can also be recycled. Through careful design, our team here at Plant Nativ can make a custom plan for your house that captures and stores rainwater in an easy-to-use system, so you can regularly irrigate your lawn or gardens when the city supply is low. This method of irrigation is efficient, cost effective, and energy-saving.

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